Spring is here, it’s time for new begins, as also for new plans for the OSMTime meetups. As we’ve seen that our local OSM community has gathered new enthusiasts we’ve moved a step back and decided to organize “an intro to OSM” meetup.

We were more than 50 geographers, programmers and other OSM enthusiast discussing about the history of OSM, ways of integrating OSM in different web, mobile app projects.





Our colleagues, Bea and Florin held an interesting presentation for the audience with a lot of useful information like:

  • What is OpenStreetMap?
  • Why do we need OpenStreetMap?
  • How did it all start?
  • How has OpenStreetMap evolved?
  • Who is using OpenStreetMap?

and then moving into the technical aspects:

  • What makes OpenStreetMap tick?
  • How to build a map of the world?
  • How to edit OpenStreetMap
  • How to consume OSM? As a GIS specialist, as programmer for your webpage/mobile app

It was a great event and we hope to see you again at the next event from 17th of April:

OpenStreetMap Cluj Mapping Party


More impressions from the event on facebook and meetup.

“Yesterday’s OSMTime event was one of the most successful event that we had organized so far. People show interest in OSM and they asked a lot of questions regarding the editing and consuming process.” Beata Jancso

“So nice the event got more technical to the end 🙂 Florin was almost too passionate about it :D” Dumitru Ursu

“I really liked the fact that we had over 50 people attending. I got a lot of questions during and after the presentation and with a part of them we will meet  again in 2 weeks, at the Mapping Party that we will organize at Telenav on the 17`th of April”  Florin Badita