One of the biggest challenges for using Postgis and OpenStreetMap together is that you need a lot of know-how (know-how that’s hards to acquire for a regular OSM user), so usually only the Academics or people with medium/high degree of programming skills/knowledge can work with them.

So, which could be the easiest way to integrate Postgis?

Using a single repository where everybody can find and fork the same Postgis OpenStreetMap schema scripts. This would help to visualize information from the OSM database much faster.


Let’s move in the practical area and let’s follow a few simple steps to make Postgis more easy to use with OSM data.

  • I’ve created SCOPE (databaSe Creator Osmosis Postgis loadEr), a linux command line tool for easy loading of a osm.pbf file into Postgis, via osmosis



  • I’ve created a central place for all the Postgis OSM Scripts

The idea is to have a central place were we can find different Postgis scripts, so when we want to do a statistic or something regarding the OSM data, to have a place were you can download, fork and store the scripts that you are using in your Projects



Because people from different parts of the world can use the same script, this will mean that we can also use the same QGIS Style, so in the repo you can also upload your QGIS Style that you have used with one of the scripts, and even if I will work on a different country, I will use the same DB schema and the same script, so the style will be compatible to use.




More than a unified style we can use standards and templates, so we can easily modify and create something new. Here’s an example as a blueprint for creating a new sql script file:

I will continue this initiative for sure, so I invite you also to take a closer look at the project and I’m looking forward to your input!

I’ll make the first next step:  I’m adding a new (and I hope useful) script to the list about finding duplicates nodes in OSM. I’ve added the entire story on my diary on OSM.