Disclaimer: this post was originally posted on Martijn van Exel’s OpenStreetMap diary and can be found here.


At the 2014 edition of SOTM we have announced the ScoutSigns platform, a JOSM plugin that will streamline the road sign data flow to OpenStreetMap, keeping the three attributes of OSM in the pipeline: freshness, localized and up-to-date.


We were happy to see that this tool gathered the attention of the community. After the event we’ve got also some valuable feedback from the JOSM mappers and with this occasion we would like to thank them all.

One of their common remark or question was related to the integration of Mapillary- just see this one: “would be excellent if this could be linked into Mapillary to process all the photos that are posted there.” S.H.


As a consequence, in the months that have passed, our main purpose in this project was to make it happen. As Martjin van Exel said, we aimed “to unleash the power of the fast growing Mapillary imagery right in your favorite OSM editor!”


So here it is: the new release of the ScoutSigns tool combined with the Mapillary functionality.

JOSM showing Scout (red) and Mapillary (blue) detected signs in ScoutSigns in Hamburg, Germany

JOSM showing Scout (red) and Mapillary (blue) detected signs in ScoutSigns in Hamburg, Germany


But, if you’re still new in the mapping world, then allow us to make some introductions:

Mapillary is a service for crowdsourcing street level photos using smartphones and computer vision, that holds a fantastic number of recognized signs to the power JOSM mapping community!

Telenav is a leading provider of consumer, enterprise and automotive location-based services that is taking a considerable bet on the potential of the OSM crowd.


The only thing you have to do now is to give it a try to this platform: check the ScoutSigns manual that includes some details about the new Mapillary functionality and check our blog post describing ScoutSign platform.

Let the mapping parties begin!




Thank you Martijn for sharing this great news and congrats to the both teams (Mapillary & Telenav) for offering us such great tools to help us take OpenStreetMap to new heights.